“Helium - A Men's Grooming Products Company!
Grooming is an unspoken Introduction. Done right, it creates the desired perception. Take messy hair, for example. A techie pitching an app idea to a VC would want his hair to look messy, while an investment banker would want them to look anything but messy. Helium solves such problems. We believe that every person is different with a different grooming need.”

Our method is to pick a grooming aspect - Hairstyling for example - and make many product variants. The more the number of variants the closer a customer gets to custom made feel of product. In line with this philosophy of product development we sell samples of our product. For us, the best way to find out which product works best for a customer is for the customer to try and experiment, mix products, see over a period what works best for them. In the long run a company attracts similar minded customers. We have amassed a great repeat business.

Class in Glass

When a customer picks up our product, he should feel good, good about absolutely anything in that moment. The container should be shining and blemish free. Our products drip class.

Research And Development.

Helium has an in-house Research and development team. We do not source formulations. We continuously improve existing products and launch new products.


A product that does not do what it says on the label is not a product but a bunch of unhappy and disgruntled customers. We value efficacy. Our product walk the talk.


Our motto is "Safety First." It is a boring concept and not paid enough attention until some unforseen problem occurs. We do not leave anything to chance. Our ingredient screening has a very high bar. Not selling is better than selling bad quality products. We want our customers to outsource their worries about product quality and ingredients to us.

We are based in Mumbai

Our Promise

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