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Pack of 4 Classic Deos

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Lasts 24+ hours. Intense premium perfume like fragrances.

  1. Freshman Deo – 100ml – Oriental Spicy. Begin your morning routine Fresh.
  2. Cardinal Deo – 100ml – Musk, wear this head turner to office.
  3. Iceman Deo – 100ml – Citrus Sporty. Your gym sessions will be pleasant breeze for your spot.
  4. Zero-G Deo – 100ml – Aquamarine woody oozes masculanity.
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Made from the same fragrance of your favorite hair product.

Create lasting memories.

Energizing refreshing fragrance. Lasts long…very very long.

Flight carry on friendly. No check-in required.

Weight 0.6 g
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 130 cm


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