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Laminar – Hair Straightening Cream – Regular


For Wavy Curly Frizzy Hair. Achieve straightening, smoothing and frizz control.

Give nourishment and moisturization to hair. One step process. Neutralizer not required. Long hair on top (above forehead) required.  Effect will be like Rebonding Permanent Hair Straightening.

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Step 1

Apply Product

Laminar Regular is a smooth cream. Draw it from the container, spread it evenly on all hair. Apply from root to tip.

Step 2

Comb And Set Your Hairstyle

Use a fine toothed comb to set your hairstyle. We recommend a drying time of 40 minutes. But you are all set once your hairstyle is set.

Step 3

Blowdry For Better Finish (Optional)

Use a Blowdry for better finish. You have two advantages with blowdry.

  1. Hair will dry faster.
  2. The warm draft of air will infuse the hair straightening cream in hair shafts and prolong hair straighteness.

Lock in your hairstyle with Helium Icicles Hair Gel. It will remain straight for the entire day.

Step 4

Iron Hair

Use a Hair Iron heated upto 250 degree Fahrenheit. Iron hair section by Section. Run over each section 6-7 times. The product will fuse in hair shafts and they will be left completely dry.

See How It's Done

Instant Hair Transformation

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Dimensions 45 × 30 × 130 cm

2 reviews for Laminar – Hair Straightening Cream – Regular

  1. Sawan Patel

    Saved on expensive hair treatment. Saved time on going to the salon. And product still left for more treatments.

  2. Tushar Devrukhakar

    As per helium site short term and long term, two types there. I do short term and get result blow dry for longer

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