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Shampoo Conditioner


Hair Loss Prevention Therapy. Anti-Dandruff

SLS / SLES Free | Parabens Free | A1 Glucocide Surfactants

Removes Frizz. Nourishes Scalp.

Argan Oil for Shine.

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Stimulates hair growth. Fortifies Hair.

100% Natural Products.

One main reason for hair loss is harshness of surfactants (cleaning agents) in shampoos. Using SLS and SLES based shampoos is like relying on feature phone (think Nokia button phone) in smartphone era. Instead plant based glucocide surfactants are required to protect your hair in extreme tropical – hot, humid – weather, suspended dust particles and general pollution. These surfactants are Clean, Green and 100% Renewable. And this pack has many of them. Our hair loss prevention therapy pack is healthy for your hair. It is very gentle to hair and scalp. Provides excellent dense foaming. Effective in cleaning and efficient is removal of dirt from hair. This product does not stop at just cleansing. It improves hair condition over long term. There is plant based anti dandruff ingredients in this product. Blend of essential oils provide aromas of spa like experience.

Weight 0.6 g
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 130 cm

1 review for Shampoo Conditioner

  1. Manish mj

    Been using helium products from past 4years and luv em all. Talking abt salubrious and sorted they’re are like boon to our hair cleanses hair effectively yet gently and add awesome shine and yeah the fragrance of these products are really good. Company has put some extra effort in fragrance department gonna order my next kit soon ????????

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