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Cardinal RAW Clear Wax 50g (Pack of 2 – Total 100g)


Super Strong Hold | Semi Matte Finish

No Side Effects. 8+ Hours of Hold. One pack lasts for over 6 months.

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Water soluble product. Comes out of hair with a simple rinse.

Be The Selfie King.

An all weather product. You cannot go wrong with this hair wax. Big performance spectrum. It will work on thin, thick, straight, wavy and any other kind of hair. Get extremely strong hold. Your hair will be a little bit shiny, making them look wet and fresh.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 2.7 cm

11 reviews for Cardinal RAW Clear Wax 50g (Pack of 2 – Total 100g)

  1. Eshan Singh

    Using this for last 3 month. So far no side effects.

  2. Rahul mishra

    Because it was called Cardinal I thought it will be like cardinal. But its a very basic wax. And fragrance is not the usual cardinal fragrance. Disappointed. Please use the usual Cardinal fragrance. that is your best fragrance.

  3. Rohan Kanungo

    Very easy and very good. But where is the Cardinal Fragrance?????

  4. Bhavik Dev

    Good packing. Decent wax

  5. Zaheer Baldiwala

    All season product. Not a specialist product. But little bit for everything. Provides good hold (my hair are wavy) and lasts for about 4-5 hours. I get better performance by speading the product well in palms before applying on hair. Has some shine which is not here not there kind of a shine. Does look wet but not enough, that said, at that price you cannot ask for more.

  6. Karan A


  7. Raj Sahni

    Emulsifies easily. Very easy to spread. Needs extra quantity for desired hold.

  8. Sarvish Gupta

    I stumbled upon this product in Google search. Have been using it from 3-4 months. Value for money. Packs in a lot of power for the price it sells at.

  9. Shyam Ravi

    Best product in the price range its selling for. Out performs the set wet gatsby category of products.

  10. Siddhant Ketkar

    This is my first experience shopping from helium and i have to say im thoroughly impressed. This product is really good for the price tag and feels light on hair. The scent is pretty mild and i like it. The brand was also helpful when i didn’t receive my product on time. Overall i would recommend this to my friends and would buy again????

  11. Shriyanth Rangeeth

    The most important thing that matters in a hair product is the hold and Raw comes on top in this area. Highly recommend. Helium reliability and performance ensured.

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