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Icicles Hair Gel 50g (Pack of 2 – Total 100g)


Insane Hold | Wet-Look

No Side Effects – Class A Safe certified ingredients. 36+ Hours of Hold.

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Water soluble product. Comes out of hair with a simple rinse.

Be The Selfie King.

Big product for your big day. Instant result and you dont have to work very hard for it. Just grips your hair in place once set. Extremely safe product.

Suitable for all kinds of hairstyles. Get unmoveable slickbacks – no hair dislodged. Perfect for spiked hair.

Weight 0.6 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2.7 cm

14 reviews for Icicles Hair Gel 50g (Pack of 2 – Total 100g)

  1. md rashid

    I have tried almost all Helium products. This one is very useful. You can use it liberaly. Styles stay for very long. And does not cost much. Never faced any problem with this product. Other gels flake and break your hair. But this is very good product. They do not use any alcohol ingredient so it takes a little longer to set but that makes it a very very safe product.

  2. Zarvan Delina

    Good product.

  3. Gaurav Rajput

    Get real slickbacks that stay slickbacks forever.

  4. Shoaib Shaikh

    My brother got this I try it works awesome best prodet

  5. Kinganiket

    I personally do not like gels, but this one was steal for the price. Hold very strong and good only. It can even hold your hands together such is the performance hold wise. Good stuff at reasonable price.

  6. Abhijith M

    One time set than no change. Good performance.

  7. Rahil Hamza

    Big big bang for the buck. Its insane – the product is insane, the hold in insane. I would say buy 10 of these and keep it until Helium gets rid of the discount.

  8. Amandeep Singh

    Unlike other gels, this does not flake.

  9. K Abhinav

    Very strong recall. I think of cool strong himalayan icicles forming on my head when I think of Icicles. Like well set icicles this product is also very difficult to dislodge.

  10. Jatin Mika

    Good product. Great long hold. But very sticky in hand after applying. Thats why I have removed one star. Expected Helium to have sorted out the stickiness in hand issue.

  11. Deepak Karki

    Okay. Works like a gel. Nothing more.

  12. manthan d goan

    Great! Well done Helium

  13. rohit dhingra

    I am not a gel person. But tried it for the price and its insane (like they present the product.) Clarity in gel is unreal.

  14. Vipul Shah

    Good Hold Great Product

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