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Wax + Gel Combo Pack (Pack of 2 – Total 100g)

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Icicles Hair Gel (50g) and Cardinal Raw Hair Wax (50g) in this pack.

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ICICLES - The Insane Hold Hair Gel

Icicles Hair Gel is different. First and foremost it is not harmful. It contains 95-90% water. We do not use any alochol – which usually is the practice – in making our Hair gels. Icicles derives its power from a Alcohol Free polymer. We source this polymer from the international markets. And, it smells rich on your hair.

Cardinal RAW - The Beast amongst Hair Waxes.

A heavy duty hair wax for all occasions. Dig rub apply and you are all set. Powerful hairstyles in under a minute. You wont have to worry about your hair all day.

Blitz It With Layers

Get the best out of this combo pack by following this 2-step process.

  1. Set your hairstyle with Cardinal RAW.
  2. Lock in the hairstyle with Icicles hair Gel.

Your hairstyle will endure for the day.

Vast Possibility Of Hairstyles

3 reviews for Wax + Gel Combo Pack (Pack of 2 – Total 100g)

  1. Navin Melwani

    What a combo. Powerful gel and wax. I liked it.

  2. Tushar Devrukhakar

    Very effective combo at that price point. Both products provide strong hold. Highly recommended.

  3. Karan Oberoi

    Basic wax. Will add shine to your hair. Gel is very strong. Once set your hair will not move.

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