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Zero-G Extreme Hold Hairstyling Clay (30g)


Extreme Hold | Matte Finish

Our best sellilng hairstyling clay. Get Ultimate Holding Power For Your Hairstyles. Supreme grip and all day pliability.

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12+ Hours Hold

Provides great texture to hair. Once the hairstyle is set each hair looks similar and stays in shape giving an illusion of a ribbed drape.

Fingernail worth quantity is enough. Easy to Emulsify. Easy to work in hair. Works well on Short or Medium Hair.


It will be your GoTo and the only product for hairstyling.

Enriched with essential oils and organic extracts. No harmful ingredients.

50K ZeroG Sold

Perfume Like Fragrance

Aqua marine fragrance. Oakmoss, woody and marine notes. Your hair will smell fresh all day long. Masks hair odour in Indian weather.

Muscle Your Hair Into Shape. Immense strength to keep your hair standing all day. Provides Extremely Strong Grip For Hairstyles. Ideal for short hair Spikes or Long hair quiff. Designed for Indian summer. Top performance under hot conditions. The rich frangrance in this product will mask summer odour in hair. Our best selling Extreme Hold Matte finish formula. Recommended for Wavy Curly Hair.

Safe & Reliable

Not Sure Which product to buy? Check our BLOG. We list our critical differences between wax, cream, pomade, clays and gels.

31 reviews for Zero-G Extreme Hold Hairstyling Clay (30g)

  1. Vikram V

    Best product i had ever used.

  2. Ravish Dhall

    This product has it all…… awesome hold… nice texture….. matte finish… it also makes hair look healthier and its organic… its my favourite product now and i use it everyday… a must buy product

  3. Jeet Chetwani

    Pretty nice pliable hold,with great texture

  4. Ashish

    Best product ever .it hold great for short or medium hair. Long hair like me. Its has medium hold

  5. Abdul Rahman

    Smells good,has got good hold,gives volume to hair and is also flexible.

  6. Harshit Dharani

    One of the most amazing hair wax used.

  7. Sajith Kottakkal

    deliverd within 4 days
    product was well packed very nice product

  8. Azhar Shaik

    Product is amazing………….but delivery is quite late

    • admin

      Sorry to hear that. We will ensure faster delivery next time.

  9. Gyani

    Its The Best Product i ever seen
    the quality of hairs become awesome after used this wax

  10. Debdeep Saha

    Good hold!

  11. Debdeep Saha

    Good hold!

  12. Calvin White

    Packaging was great and on time. Very professional. First impressions on unboxing it and opening the jar was the texture is smooth and emulsifies easily in your hand. Works great on damp hair as well as blow dried hair. Hold is quite high. Has no problem holding through working hours. Has a true matte finish so, it isn’t noticeable that you’re wearing the product. The product also does tame your wavey hair quite a lot and controls the strays. In addition to all this, the product also improves hair health and you can use it every day without worrying about product buildup ruining your hair health. Coming from a person who has used products like ‘Hanz De Fuko’ and ‘Morris Motley’, I’ve got to say, this is the best hair product available in Indian. This has become my go-to hair product and the pricing is more than reasonable for the quality you get. I highly recommend it. A very safe and reliable product.

  13. Aman Dhiman

    I am using this product from last 4-5 months and results are awesome. It has nice hold and great matte finish. Highly recommended.

  14. meet vaja

    awsom work

  15. Anubhav Bhandari

    Hold is very good. It doesn’t last all day long but I’m with the quality of the product.

  16. Farhan Atewalla

    This product is awesome and works efficiently.

  17. Shubh

    It’s very awesome wax very nice holding & also it’s fragrance is so awesome, but some low shining

  18. Aamir Sayeed

    Awesome wax

  19. Manueljenry

    Does what it claims.

  20. Vibhor Eshwar

    New ZeroG is better than the old one. Need to apply extra product for higher hold!

  21. Mohit Salgaonkar

    Terrific hold, yet light on hair. Washes of easily can be restyled if not blow dried. Light fragrance and at the price point is a bang for buck…… Needs a strong emulsifying rub…..

  22. Nikhil Patil

    Not happy with new zero – G clay, first of all it feels like thick cream & not an clay. And second it’s no way near like the older zero – G clay. It makes hair very frizzy, after 30mins. Loves older zero – G clay a lot. If possible I’d like to go back to the older clay.

  23. Rahul Singhania

    I am regular user of Zero-G, really unhappy with the new verion of Zero-G the hold is not that strong now. It makes hair very frizzy, after an hour or so. NOT so long lasting. Loves older zero – G clay a lot. If possible I’d like to go back to the older clay.

  24. Sanjay Meena

    The best at the given price point, ingredient list and the product quality. A little qty goes a long way. Holds my wavy curly hair very well.

  25. Kanishk Singh


  26. Nik’s

    why there is no response from Helium on bringing back the older ‘ZERO-G’. older product was way better than newer one. plz do rply.

    • admin

      Please be informed that we have responded to your query by whatsapp.
      As informed to you, the composition remains unchanged. Some secondary ingredients have been reduced. You should get the same hold and should last for the similar amount of time.

  27. Satyandra Sharma

    Best hair styling product available in India. No hair loss or side effects. Simply amazing

  28. Vedant

    Clay is not for everyone. If you have healthy and Wavy / Curly hair (Mind you, you need to have very healthly hair to use any kind of hair product) then Zero-G should be your choice of hair styling product.
    I got this few months back and fell in love with it after some time. Initially I found it a bit hard but then got used to the toughness for the great hold it provides. As its ingredients indicate these look pretty safe.

  29. Karthik

    Zero G is a awesome product. I have testing various other products in the market to find the right one for me. Zero G is a product that I would definitely recommend . It’s expensive, but delivers on what it promises. Hold is good, lasts for a while and delivers natural look (feels like no product on hair). Fragrance is decent as well (bonus). The clay looks solid, feel free to dig out the product with your index finger. Depending on the texture you want as end result, scoop out the quantity that you dig out. Nicely spread the product on your palms and warm it up (till you feel your palms are warm enough), then apply the product to the hair as desired. I prefer matte look, so I apply on dry hair after shower. Good Luck.



    Once you use Zero-G no other product will work for you. Best hair products by Helium. Tried many other of their products. But Zero-G suits me the best.

  31. Nitin sharma

    Smells great. Very high class perfume. All day pliability.

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