Light Blue Hair Colour Wax – Temporary Hair Colour – 50g


  • Temporary Hair Color.
  • Apply with hands.
  • Instant finish.
  • Water Soluble. Comes out of hair with a simple rinse.
  • All day Pliability.
  • Augmented with Essential Oils.

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Instant Hair Colour.

For the times when you need to add colour to your celebrations and parties. Use this product to add colour to your hair. It’s immedite. No long waiting hours. No going to the barber. Dig rub apply and viola you will have coloured hair.


Wash hair to rinse out the hair colour. Unlike other colour options this is a temporary hair colour product. Apply it, wear it and wash it away. No regrets.

Fine and high quality color pigments.

Very low micron hair colour. Forms a thin film around hair shaft to give a natural feel.

A water based product.

Shampoos out easily with a simple wash. The product would not linger in your hair. Effortless to remove out.

Provides hold

You can set your hair for fine looks. Use a blow dryer for drier hair and to lock in the colour.

Weight 50 g
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T-shirt Size


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